Remfry Cricket Protection

Remfry Cricket Protection

Many avid followers of Australian cricket will have noted that in recent times the cricket protective equipment, namely the cricket thigh guards, the inner thigh guards and even the cricket chest guards, do not look anything like the ones that are available to be bought by the public.

The simple answer to this is that, this protective equipment that was used by the Australian cricket stars was not available to the general public. It was made by Remfry and each and every piece of equipment was custom made and fitted to fit the needs and sizes of the players. Makes staying at the crease a whole lot easier when you have a custom sized thigh guard and custom sized inner thigh guard

That has all changed and Remfry protective cricket equipment is now available to the public. Of course this is not in the form of custom size ordering but more generic sizes have been produced so that this exceptional protective cricket equipment can be available to the public. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 10.53.34 AM
Strauss wearing a remfry thigh guard.

It goes without saying that if the top Australian cricketers like Michael Clarke and Steve Smith are trusting Remfry for their cricket thigh guards and other inner protective cricket equipment that this is a top-of-the-line range. 

The range includes arm guards and in terms of quality it is far superior to anything out there on the market. It has a leather wrapping and a toweled inside. The unique thermo material that is the composite of all these protective gears is such that the more you wear it, the more it moulds to your own shape. 

Remfry has the warranty to back their products up and they offer a warranty that is almost double anything else on the cricket protective gear market. It is so often the case that a company that specializes in a particular cricket gear is superbly effective in beating the competition. This is definitely the case with Masuri Helmets and Remfry.

To Shop international thigh guards now click here.

To visit the Remfry website click below.

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