Puma Iridium cricket batting pads

The Puma iridium 6000 cricket batting pads are the lastest and best that puma has to offer in 2010. When i reviewed these cricket batting pads i found the pads to be super light, comfortable and  i really like the fact that you had removable sections that are actually washable.

So if you play your cricket anywhere in the USA that is hot and humid like down here in dallas like me, if you spend any time at all out in the middle you will be sweating a lot and having a set of pads that are washable will certainly make my wife a little happier.

These puma iridium 6000 batting pads are really a cut above the rest. You will be very happy with these pads and im sure they will make batting in the heat just that little bit easier because they are light and comfortable.

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gray nicolls cricket batting inners

Just a quick short little review on the Gray nicolls fingerless batting inners. There isn’t really much to say about these batting inners except that they are cotton. I prefer the full finger inners but i have never really tried fingerless ones.

So if you are interested in getting some of these gray nicolls batting inners,  head over to cricket store online right now and get yourself a pair for just $5.

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Crusader Broadsword cricket bat

This is a short review of the Crusader Broadsword cricket bat. I would generally classify bats into 4 groups.

1: top of the line ( $400 )

2: Mid range ( $200 and up )

3: lower middle ( $100 and up )

4: bottom of the range ( under $100 )

So i would say that this Crusader Broadsword cricket bat is in the lower middle range coming in at the $100 and up section. Here is a short video review of the bat.

So as you can see, even in the lower middle section you can still get some pretty good cricket bats. I recommend this bat for people that are perhaps starting out in cricket after a long break. Especially here in america you find people starting to play cricket in their 30’s and 40’s that perhaps haven’t played cricket in 10 or 20 years. This cricket bat is great for that kind of person.

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Puma ballistic rubber sole cricket shoes

This will be a short review of the Puma ballistic rubber sole cricket shoes. I Have used these puma ballistic shoes personally now for a few seasons and am quite happy with them. They are not the top of the line puma cricket shoes but they certainly do the trick if you don’t have the money to spend on the more expensive ones.

The only draw back i have found with these  shoes is i have found that my plantar faciitis plays up a bit with these shoes, which means i wake up the day after cricket and my left hell hurts a little. Regardless of that, these puma ballistic rubber sole cricket shoes are still pretty good and better than any $40 shoes.

Here is a short video to show them to you up close.

If you are playing cricket on carpet or matting over a concrete pitch then these are the kind of shoes you will be looking for, however if the ground is wet, your grip level will be lower. If you commonly play in these sort of conditions you might want to spend a bit more money and go for the stealth or iridium brand.

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SS Platinum Reserve Cricket Bat

This is a cricket bat review of the SS platinum reserve cricket bat. When  i took this cricket bat out of the padded cover that it comes with i immediately saw the immaculate cricket bat face. The grains in the wood are perfect. You can see these cricket bats are all hand selected for quality, and the SS platinum reserve cricket bat is no different. This is really a top quality piece of english willow that comes with a minimum of 13 grains and weight ranges between 2.8lbs and 2.14lbs.

Here is a short video review of the SS platinum reserve cricket bat.

I also found that this cricket bat has an excellent pickup and balance. It really felt effortless and i would say this is one of the best bats that i have reviewed so far. This SS platinum reserve comes with a padded bat cover and toe guard.

You can feel confident that if you purchase this bat from www.cricketstoreonline.com that it is the genuine article and that you are getting value for you money.

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Kookaburra Ice 200 cricket bat

Thank you for checking out this cricket bat review of the Kookaburra ice 200 cricket bat. This is a well priced cricket bat at $99.00. It is english willow and is suitable for lower level cricket. When i picked up this bat i found it to have a good balance and it comes in the light to medium weights.

I have a younger friend that uses this cricket bat and he says he like the bat alot. The kookaburra ice 200 cricket bat has a Large Sub-Continent style ‘Super Bow’. This is an excellent bat for front foot play and driving the ball. The willow is naturally air dried and has a 12 piece cane handle.

The kookaburra ice 200 cricket bat comes with a white MAX grip and is READY TO PLAY. which means, kookaburra has pre-prepared the bat so you can put it straight to use scoring that next 100.

Cricket store online will even throw in a free bat cover to keep your cricket bat good as new for as long as possible.

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SS Gladiator Cricket Bat

Welcome to the Cricket Store Online cricket gear review. In this review i will be talking a little about the SS Gladiator Cricket Bat. This is the same bat used by Kieron Pollard in the recent 20/20 world cup and in the IPL.

Kieron Pollard is an exciting west indies cricketer and he uses this exact bat, its so good in fact that SS has produced exact replicas of it and its for sale right now to you at www.cricketstoreonline.com.

This is a really exciting cricket bat. As soon as i picked it up i was really impressed with the balance and the weight. I found that the willow was grade 1 english willow. This SS Gladiator cricket bat comes with a rubber toe guard and also a padded cricket bat cover. Have a look at this video below and see first hand how impressive this cricket bat is.

This SS cricket bat is light to medium weight and comes in SH only.

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