adidas twenty 2 yard cricket shoes

The adidas twenty 2 yard cricket shoes are some of the more expensive shoes on the market in the US at the  moment. We only have a few pairs left at so if you are interested please contact us soon. Here is a short video review of the cricket shoes / spikes.

So one thing i noted about these cricket shoes when i was handling them, is that they are really light. The clima cool system in the tongue is all pretty cool as it helps the top of your foot keep cool with some oversized air holes. The sides of the adidas twenty 2 yard cricket shoes have ample mesh areas to allow air flow as well. These particular cricket shoes are batting spikes, meaning that there are only spikes in the front portion of the shoe, as when you are batting and running you are mainly standing on your toes or mid-foot region. The box also comes with a set of replacement spikes incase they fall out .

Thank you for reading this blog, if you are interested in these shoes, please call me on 1.888.470.4746 or go to