gunn & moore original all rounder cricket shoe

The gunn & moore original all rounder cricket shoes are a well priced option for people who love the game of cricket but maybe cant afford to spend top dollar on expensive cricket shoes. These cricket rubber soled shoes are not great shoes by any means, they are not the most comfortable shoes, they are not the best shoes available on the market. Chances are your feet might hurt at the end of the day depending of you level of play.

I would personally not wear these shoes, however if this was all i could afford they are better than using plain running shoes as they do have studs and will give you some level of grip where as running shoes will have no grip on grass fields. Watch this short video to have a closer look at the GM original all rounder cricket shoes.

So in my opinion this is definitely an entry level pair of shoes. You can certainly do better and spend more money. If however you are on a budget, they will do fine, giving you a level of grip that is suitable to high school, college and club level cricket.

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jason mellet