Different cricket arm guards

So most people don’t wear arm guards. I know when i started playing club level cricket after high school i wore one as i wasn’t used to the pace of the older bowlers. But as time went by i discarded it and no longer use one anymore. it is however a personal choice. I remember a game i should of been wearing one, the bowler was pretty quick and hit me square on the forearm. Lucky for me i gritted my teeth and ended up scoring 54.

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Here are some pictures of different cricket arm guards.

Basically you use an arm guard for the purpose of protecting your forearm from being hit by a cricket ball. Batsman wear them whilst they are batting against bowlers. Generally speaking it is for the faster bowlers and not so much the slower spinners and medium pacers. In international cricket it is quick common for the tail enders to wear them against the quicker bowlers as they are not as good as the regular batsman.

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