Chris Gayle’s Cricket Shoes

We all know that cricket players have certain custom designs that they like in a cricket shoes. Ever since there has been specific footwear for cricket, players have been customizing to suit their needs. Then there is taking it to a whole new level. That would be Chris Gayle’s adidas ZX750 cricket shoes. The shoes are super stylish and bar the spikes they would not be out of a place on a casual night out. 

The most striking part of these cricket shoes is the fact that Gayle has the world “GayleForce” emblazoned on the side of the shoe. The emblazonment has been so perfectly places that as Gayle takes strike to face the bowler, the bowler and the TV camera are staring straight at the words.

chris gayle gayleforce cricket shoes
chris gayle gayleforce cricket shoes

Gayle in fact has had a pair customized in maroon for when he plays with the West Indies and in Green and Yellow for his beloved Jamaica Tallawahs. 

The configuration of the spikes is also quite unique and customized in true Chris Gayle fashion. He has opted for a full on trainer back of the shoe, with absolutely zero modification to what is essentially an adidas sneaker. Then the front of the shoe is fitted with 7 spikes. The thinking is that Gayle is going for comfort on the sole of the foot and grip with the toes and ball of the foot that will grip the surface when playing his shots and running between the wicket.

Typically faster bowlers will need spikes on their cricket shoes on the front and the back. In addition to this players that field on a damp surface from rain or dew will also need full spikes and perhaps even longer spikes. Gayle himself and other batsmen would also need longer and full spikes if the wicket is shiny or slippery.

There have been batsmen at international level that have batted in trainers on very dry abrasive surface. Although nowadays the cricket shoes are so comfortable from adidas, New Balance and other specialized cricket brands that players do not forgo the balance offered by quality cricket shoes.

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