P1 aero all in one thigh pad

The P1 aero all in one thigh pad is a very good piece of equipment. I just recently started using this thigh pad and am very, very happy with it. I used to use the GM maxi all in one protective shorts but found that i was overheating a lot as the maxi shorts are under your cricket pants and the heat here in texas is quite brutal. The P1 aero thigh pad is a lot better allowing my thigh area to breathe as there is no shorts covering your skin. Here is a short video review of the P1 aero all in one thigh pad.

This is what aero has to say about their thigh pad.

Sets the standard and is the acknowledged leader in lower body protection.  Protects front and back thighs, hip and buttock. New model has re-worked hip and buttock protection, and a larger, better positioned rear thigh pad. 3D moulded always stays in place. The waistband has two fitting options that enable great fit. Integrated design allows natural movement & mobility. Easy to use & washable.

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